Al-Dameer appeals the international community for providing protection for the Palestinian child

On the occasion of international children’s day, Al-Dameer appeals the international community for providing protection for the Palestinian child.

Tomorrow, Friday November 20, 2020, marks the international children’s day, which comes within the continuous efforts to urge countries, governments, and non-governmental institutions of all kinds, to employ their capabilities and resources for organizing cultural events and activities in order to increase the community’s awareness about children’s rights.

In the occupied Palestinian lands, International children’s day comes in the light of the escalating Israeli violations against the Palestinian child. Although the occupation is a party of the 1989 international convention for children’s rights, it continues exonerating from its obligations under the international humanitarian law, especially the international convention for children’s rights and its additional protocol for protecting children during armed conflicts. It is evident through its repeated attacks, as the occupation killed 28 children in the west bank and Gaza strip last year, and nearly 700 were arrested and prosecuted, who face torture and mistreatment  during investigation and detention procedures by the Israeli army,  Israeli security services and police.

The number of detained children in the Israeli prisons reached about 170 by the end of the current month, and despite all appeals, the Israeli forces refuse to release them, not to mention the insufficient accountability of the Israeli soldiers for their crimes against the palestinian children, and adoption of more laws and military orders that violate the palestinian childhood.

On the other hand, the palestinian childhood is still living under harsh circumstances and severe suffering, and the inabiliy of the Palestinian state to create a reality where the children can enjoy their rights according to the international law, which intensifies the disastrous conditions in the occupied Palestinain lands due to the continuous Israeli occupation and Palestinian division, and the increase in the rate of child labor as a result of the deteriorating economic conditions, in addition to corona pandemic which deprived the children from their right of education and playing, and forced them to stay at home for their own safety.

For that, Al-Dameer association for human rights expresses its regret for the international community’s exoneration from its legal obligations under the convention for children’s rights, and for not interfering to stop the increasing violation against Palestinian children, so the association calls the international community for:

* Prosecuting and questioning the occupation before the international criminal court in order to limit the violations of the Israeli forces on the occupied Palestininan lands, for which many children fall victim.

* Immediately working on pressuring the occupation in order to force it to respect human rights and abide by the principles of the international humanitarian law, as well as putting an end to the continuous Israeli violations against civilians. Also, lifting the imposed blockade on Gaza strip.

* It calls the Palestinian authority for taking necessary measures for the advancement of the reality of the Palestinian childhood,  fulfilling its obligations as stipulated by the convention for children’s rights, and working on addressing all violations of children’s rights in the Palestinian territories.





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