Al-Dameer condemns the Israeli occupation forces' arrest of the citizen at "Erez"

Press release

The first arrest at the (Beit Hanoun / Erez crossing) for the year 2021,

Al-Dameer condemns the Israeli occupation forces' arrest of the citizen Walaa Mohammad Mustafa Rifai at (Beit Hanoun Crossing)

Al-Dameer Association for human rights is highly concerned about restricting the movement of the citizens for treatment abroad,  and condemns the continuing arrests at Beit Hanoun "Erez" checkpoint under the continuous suffering of the citizens of the Gaza Strip and its exacerbation

by the restrictions imposed on the freedom of movement of the citizens.

According to the available information to Al-Dameer, which are based on the testimony of the detainee’s cousin, Mr. Arafat Al-Rifai, at approximately 10:30 on Monday January 25, 2021. The Israeli authorities arrested the 35 year old citizen, Walaa Mohammed Mustafa Rifai, who is from Al-Maghazi Camp in the central governorate, while he was inside the Beit Hanoun ‘Erez’ crossing in the north of Gaza Strip, and took him to Ashkelon prison inside the occupied territories.

Investigations indicate that Al-Rifai went the same day’s morning, accompanying his 32 year old sick wife, Wafaa Nabil Mahmoud Ayoub/ Rafai,  who has head cancer, to the Beit Hanoun checkpoint in order to pass to the Makassed Islamic Charitable Society hospital in Jerusalem, since she received a referral earlier for treatment, before contact with him was cut off inside the checkpoint, as the occupation forces informed the wife that her husband, Walaa, was under arrest, while they allowed the patient to pass and go to the hospital for treatment.

According to the information monitored by Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights, the Israeli authorities arrested 9 citizens at the Beit Hanoun/ Erez crossing during 2020, while they were traveling to and from the Gaza Strip after interviewing them for the purpose of allowing them to pass, which confirms that the occupation authorities made Beit Hanoun crossing a trap for arrest and a place for blackmail, bargaining and putting pressure on citizens, especially those with humanitarian cases such as patients, students and family reunions. The occupation authorities have also forced many citizens who have moved through the checkpoint to be detained and wait for hours, or interrogate and put pressure on them, and tried to blackmail them before allowing them to pass.

Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights expresses its condemnation of the arbitrary arrests and restrictions imposed on the Gaza Strip and the continued denial of the residents’ basic rights, especially their right to movement, which constitutes an violation of a set of human rights, and therefore it :

Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights calls for the immediate release of the detainee Walaa Al-Rifai, and ending to the arbitrary arrests and restrictions imposed on the residents of the Gaza Strip, and calls on the international community to urgently intervene and move to stop the organized Israeli violations against Palestinian civilians in order to ensure respect for the rules of the International Humanitarian Law and international human rights law, and work to lift The siege imposed on the Gaza Strip. It also calls for guaranteeing the freedom of movement for the residents to and from the Gaza Strip.






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