Al Dameer announces solidarity with prisoners and detainees in their battle against occupation authorities


Al Dameer announces solidarity with prisoners and detainees in their battle against occupation authorities

Al Dameer Association for Human Rights declares it’s solidarity with prisoners and detainees in there battle against occupation authorities,  asking all Palestinian society in all its political spectrum to rally around the issue of the prisoners, united in supporting the symbolism of the human land and prisoners in their hunger strikes and contracting parties states to the Geneva (Fourth) Convention to carry out its legal duties to put pressure on the occupying state with its legal obligations by International low and International Humanitarian Law.

On Tuesday 21st March 2023, Representatives of the Supreme National Emergency Committee for the Prisoner Movement, this committee which representes the spectrum of our Palestinian flag.

Ammar Mardi (Representative of the national liberation movements Fatah), Salama Al_Qutawi (Representative of the Islamic Resistance Movemen), Zaid Bseisi (Representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad), Walid Hanatsheh (Representative of the Liberation of Palestine ), Wajdi Juoda ( Representative the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine), Basem Khandaqji (Representative of Palestinian People’s Party) .

Muhammad Al-Tus “Abu Shadi” , dean of the Palestinian prisoners, he’s arrested since 1985, will hunger strike with more than two thousand of prisoners starting from the first day of Ramadan. The first of them will be the Secretary-General of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine the prisoner Ahmed Saadat and Marwan Barghouti.

This battle comes after the failure of the (dialogue) sessions over the past days between the Supreme Emergency Committee for the Captive Movement and the Prisons Administration.

Today, the Supreme Emergency Committee of the captive movement, and as a representative of all factions, delivered a message to the Prison Administration, which includes the decision of the prisoners to go on hunger strike, foremost among them are the members of the Supreme Emergency Committee, which represents all the factions.

Before 35 days, prisoners started the steps of  the infraction against the prisone administration, to refuse the excessive “Ben Gahfer” measures according to constant program on Fridays. Every Friday speech (Khutbah) must be the same in all prisons  which will be the first step of hunger strike in the context of continuous mobilization, and to stay in strike after Al_Juma’a prayer wearing the brown clothes (Shabas).

Prisons will joint group steps to obstruct their activities ( Security check and Knock the windows) as what’s happening in Nafha prison.

The National Emergency Committee for the Prisoner Movement assured that  the strike step which is the toughest move for the prisoners, it will remain dependent on the position of the prison administration and any change might happen which is about essential prerequisites and decline refer to management the abusive measures that announced on the recommendations of (Ben Gvir) .

So, AL Dameer

  • Daclares that will support all the prisoners until they get all their fair requirements.
  • Asking the Palestinian society in all their political spectrum that they must solidarity behind the issue of detainees to support them.
  • The international community, represented by its institutions, organizations, judicial organs and United Nations bodies, assumes its legal and moral responsibilities, to fulfill its obligations in order to protect the rights of Palestinian detainees in the Israeli occupation prisons.
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross calls for diligent and continuous work to monitor the conditions of detainees and to expose the practices and violations that detainees are subjected to inside prisons.
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