“strengthening the capabilities of the project team on the procedural and substantive sides”


Gaza / On Thursday, March 31, 2016, Al Dameer association for Human Rights concluded a training course entitled “strengthening the capabilities of the project team on the procedural and substantive sides” at Adam Hotel in Gaza City.

The 10 training hr. was held over two days, to strengthen the capabilities of the team through many of the issues addressed, including the administrative concepts, project team roles, communication within team, career obstacles, and how to overcome them, financial Management, data analysis and Results based reporting.

Experienced team coaches participated in the implementation of the course. It should be noted that this course comes in the framework of Al Dameer’s implementation of a project funded by the joint program- Sawasya “Strengthening the Rule of Law in the oPt : Justice & Security to the Palestinian People. The project is entitled, ” Contribution towards Enhancing Rule of Law, Human Rights & International Humanitarian Law in the Gaza Strip”.

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, Mr. Samer Mousa, Acting Executive Director at Al Dameer Association for Human Rights, Mr. Maher Wahba, Justice and Security Sectors Coordinator / Strengthening the Rule of Law in the oPt Programme, inaugurated the opening session of the training course. Mr. Samer Mousa welcomed all participants, he explained the goal of the training and the special care given by Al Dameer to build the capacity of its staff. Maher Wahba explained the outline that must be followed when implementing a project to reach a good results and result-based reporting.

At the end of the course, the participants gave positive feedback about the addressed topics and explained the importance of such courses which help them to develop their skills in the field of the project management.

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